California Roads Traffic App Reviews

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Where are the cities?

I loved the old app- so easy to use. Great search by city. I can only view by map or list of incidents by distance from me. Please bring back viewing by city!

Very Useful

Easier to use than previous version. When we travel, this is a go-to app for the navigator, along with Apple Maps and Waze.


This app leaves a lot to desire not real time at all . Not worth the money rip off don’t buy . Does not compare with Tenn, Virginia , South Carolina and Louisiana . During my travels. Come on California you are a rich state U can do better. Ashamed on You All

Not even close

I’m sorry but this app is nothing even close to the old CHP Traffic app that is no longer supported by iOS 11. The list view is extremely lame and impossible to read and the “FAVORITES” is nothing but mostly non working cam photos. The other CHP app showed you a very comprehensive and complete list with info on each traffic incident out of each CHP dispatch office in your selected favorites. Also the map in this app seems to be just a link to google map traffic but within the app the traffic is VERY slow to load and update. Not current traffic info at all. Just go to google maps for more info than you will get with this hard to read app. The traffic incidents display as how many miles away from you. You select severe or moderate but I want to see just what’s on my home and the freeways I drive. I could care less what’s happening 5 miles away from me on some highway I never drive. Very lame and not even worth the $2 and I never complain about the price of an app.

Good for city folks

One star cause honestly I don’t care what’s going on south of me. Mostly because it doesn’t give you the option to pick a certain county. Not really friendly use for anything knowledgeable other then how to get around traffic and rubbernecking. I’m not even going to ask for a refund. Ain’t worth it.

Great tool for checking traffic!

I use this app at least twice a day - once for my commute to work, and again for the commute home. It’s a fantastic way of knowing if the roads are open or if there has been an accident. It’ll allows me to go a different route in case of a closure instead of having to turn around and drive 40 miles in the opposite direction to take a different route. 10/21/17 update - I was contacted by the Developer about the location of the CHP Glossary that helps decipher some of the more cryptic acronyms that are used. A little odd to get to: • Settings on the bottom right of the screen, then • About at the top right of the screen, then • CHP Glossary at the top right of the screen I guess that’s why I didn’t find it at first! Thank you to the Developer for the prompt response to my issue!


How do I get a refund for this app?

Needs work

For me, this app did not work the way I thought. The cameras are a still shot that's not accurate. The Chp traffic app is the same thing for free.

Great App but not all cameras work

It’s a very helpful app to use when I’m commuting from Orange County to LA but most cameras don’t work especially around the Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Lake Forest, and Mission Viejo area. There are probably more areas that are effected too but at least give the user feedback like some of the cameras up in LA instead of just displaying a black screen.

Texas Homestead

Cameras are not working cannot see any video or pictures! I also bought the TX road app as well for the Texas cameras, they don't work either! Not happy $$$ 26 June 2017, Monday and still not working!! 21 July 2017, Working off and on! My TX road app is still not working and they won't let me review any more!! 😤😠😡😡😡😡😡

Not bad...

Apart from the initial issues with the app it looks to be a solid program. Hopefully the servers stay stable! Previous review: All traffic data is over 12 hours old. If I wanted to know what accidents happened 12 hours ago this would be awesome. Now I just want my money back. :(

Very useful

Very useful app. I use this on an iPad mounted in a fire engine as an informational tool. The developer is quick to respond to feature requests.

Great app

Very good! First one I've had that shows up to date camera info. Easy to use. Like it!!

Works Great!!!

Nice intuitive simple app does me highway justice!!

Slow updates to Caltrans

App updates too slowly with Caltrans travel alerts.

Works nicely

App is very easy to use, traffic cameras work great, now if it only had a built in scanner so you could hear the CHP, but as it stands this is prob the best app on the store right now for getting info on what's going on around you

5 Stars

Very well designed and easy to use. I like how the map shows traffic and the camera views.

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